Zhuhai Jinwan Sky City Project Experience Zone Landscape Concept-Construction Drawing Design

The project is located in Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal garden city. The coastal couple's road and the rich tropical atmosphere make this modern garden city full of charm everywhere. The tropical, coastal, and romantic feelings set a good tone for the design of the project.

Starting from the logic of the product, look for new possibilities. Fashion products have always been at the forefront of fashion, and some famous brand shows have their unique personality, which influences the fashion trend of the times. After enthusiastic pre-project co-creation and brainstorming, the Aoya design team and the owner reached a consensus that the Lake City Grand View Exhibition Area will take the fashion show as the landscape theme, and invite fashion people in Zhuhai to participate in this show about beauty. In the tasting of life display.

The design organically combines natural shoals, island landscapes and exquisite yachts, and at the same time incorporates high-quality lifestyles, intends to create a stage background with a strong tropical resort style for this big show, as a passion for each visitor Invite.

Combining various scenic spots to form a unique tropical island roaming experience; the yacht combines with three-dimensional moving lines to become the main landscape flow line and experience node, giving full play to its maximum value.

The building of a yacht of 500 square meters is the biggest highlight and the biggest difficulty of this project. Its volume is basically close to 1/2 of the sales office. In order to achieve the most ideal landscape effect, Party A did not hesitate to invite a professional yacht company to deepen the shape of the hull and implement the landing. The steel structure is also fully cooperated by a professional steel design company. In order to ensure the exquisite interior of the yacht, it is specially invited. Hardcover and softcover are added, along with the intervention of curtain wall and professional water curtain companies, multi-discipline and omni-directional interaction, repeated adjustments to the drawings, and the appearance of the effect.

At the same time, it also avoids the conflict of drawings of various professions. This is a great challenge for Party A and various design and construction units. The professional attitude of responsible certification of each profession has allowed the yacht construction to withstand the test of Typhoon Mangosteen at level 17, and also made it The construction and landing of the yacht has achieved the desired effect.

For such a large glass, we must also consider the load-bearing capacity of people. In order to satisfy the daylighting of the yacht on the first floor and strengthen the interaction between the first and second floors, we designed a large area of ​​glass holes on the top of the first floor of the yacht to transmit light up and down. Waterscape is similar to a small swimming pool on the deck. In order to achieve better results, there should be no structural beams between the glass holes. Although the effect is ideal, the production of such a large area of ​​glass and the load on the structure are a relatively big challenge.

The production of large holes in the perforated board repeatedly check the ratio of the holes and the size of the spacing, and pay attention to the relationship between the construction beam and the opening, just to achieve a better light and shadow effect, the connection between the yacht and the ground paving, and the rich curve of the ceiling shape The fluency.

The plasticity of Chinese poetic space is very large. In contemporary China, the creation of gardens should not be limited to the creation of classical gardens. We hope that in the process of cooperating with Longhu, we can explore such themes-in the context and context of China, How far can the garden go?

From a very Chinese garden, following the Chinese context and context, walking towards the times, and finally returning to Chinese emotions and Chinese use. This is exactly the case in Lake City. This may be the most attractive part of Lingnan Gardens. She always has an innovative spirit and dares to be the first in the world. Aoya can use modern emotions and methods to create a garden, express a feeling and create a kind of memory.





















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