Kigali School of Architecture, Rwanda

Edwin Seda recently established a partnership with a French architectural firm, Patrick Schweizer Architects. Edwin Seda created a series of video essays and photographed the newly established School of Architecture and Environment Design in Kigali, Rwanda. The goal of architectural design is to work with natural light, but it never really controls the light. Therefore, Seda explored the light as the medium of space transformation in the photography works of the Kigali School of Architecture. This is a fourth dimension, which will only be realized when the construction of the building and space is completed and the seasons begin to change.

Architect and photographer Edwin Seda has been trying to find a sense in architecture that may surpass human touch. Ironically, photography itself is the epitome of human touch. Seda has always been eager to decorate his photographs, which is also a bit paradoxical. These images explore the fragility, sensitivity, and great flexibility in the design concept of this building in Kigali. The light and lens as the third dimension strengthen these aspects.

There is a structure composed of different narrative techniques, and other constituent elements include optimism and pessimism that will not be affected by the weather, happiness and sadness, busy and leisurely schedules, and so on. Therefore, Edwin Seda’s images embodied the persistent pursuit of light and the narrative techniques of human experience through the exploration of inner and outer spaces. Although there are sometimes some accidents, these images are completely in the way of depicting light and space. Honest, because this is how we perceive the space humans walk in.













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