Miyu·Fengzai Joint Office Space Reconstruction

Located in the Bund area known as the "World Architecture Group", the Hengfeng Building is unremarkable, on the contrary, it is a bit decayed and decadent. If it were not for the feminine and gorgeous Ioni pillars to declare her former glory and pride, she might not have been selected by history at all in the "old age", and naturally there would not be our encounter in the noisy market. Time always creates a certain spatial connection in a mysterious form.

The owner wants to transform the three floors of this excellent historical building into a stylish co-working space, which is light and bright, and maintains the core elements of coherence with other office space products of its brand. On one side is the classical and heavy historical motif of the "pre-modern era" architecture, and on the other side is the need for transparent and light modern and fashionable office. A new possibility is created under the constantly overlapping restrictions. This possibility gives the space the greatest value at the moment.

The project is located in the Hengfeng Building, No. 452-454, Jiangxi Middle Road, Shanghai. It is the fourth batch of outstanding historical buildings in Shanghai. Miyu, a joint office brand, renovated three of the original youth hostels into shared offices.

What to keep and what to fix depends on our attitude towards history. John Berg said in "The Way of Seeing": "The past is not a place for people to rest, but a source of conclusions for taking action." Our transformation principle is to adopt a restrained response to historic buildings. , The inner space is to explore as richly as possible-carefully verifying, selective retention, but not deliberately emphasizing the sense of mystery and vicissitudes of life.

The excavation process was full of accidental surprises, such as the mottled light turquoise color of the ceiling, and the original and pure reinforced concrete columns after the plasterboard partition walls were stripped. This is the best interpretation of the overlap of time and space. With the assistance of Shanghai Mingyue Architectural Design Office, the classical and exquisite ceiling moldings were reproduced, and the original pattern of the space was re-perceived.

Due to functional needs, we had to add partition walls to the space, but in order to make the texture of the old house clearer, the partition walls were cut into the shape of moldings at the junction with the ceiling moldings, so that the original ceiling moldings remained visually continuous . The newly inserted walls have also been simplified again and again, only fragments of glass, white walls, and steel columns are directly installed on the old structure. At the same time, in order to minimize the cumbersome factors that interfere with the vision, we repeatedly scrutinize the details to make everything pure to the extreme.

A total of three floors of space are affected by the existing pattern of the old building, and the daylighting is poor. We dug an atrium in a limited area, and at the same time created a number of “skylights” using the original damaged floor slabs, and cleverly used lighting to create light , To dispel the volume and heaviness of the historical building itself. Therefore, it is a kind of relief and lightness to walk from a slightly dark and vicissitudes of history building into the office space.

The largest visual center of the entire space is the staircase in the atrium that "deliberately" shows the sense of existence. The beautiful arc inspires and guides everyone's desire to explore the upper space. In the original plan, it was not actually a curve, but a resolute straight line. We believe that the charm of a straight line lies in its simplicity, frankness, sharp corners and closed approach, making it stand like a sculpture.

However, the Miyu team hopes to convey a gentle and subtle spiritual experience. After in-depth communication, we finally chose to use a soft curve to make it more dynamic. The upward spiraling staircase is connected to the "dome" on the ceiling, which is a natural upward desire of people; the intention of the arc is the most primitive shape of the body or nature, which inexplicably evokes the memories of the people in it, and naturally makes people feel warm and warm. kind.

In the use of materials, we hope to be more enriched. Compared with the tough industrial style of Miyu’s previous "Fangcun" project, we want to turn this into a modern old Shanghai proving ground—an old dream in the 1920s. The youth of the sixties, the sensuality of the nineties. So regardless of floor tiles, wallpaper, furniture, lighting or even mirrors, we make them more colorful in texture and color.

We hope that in this space, everyone who resides in it can feel the flow of time, the change of space, the transformation of old things and new things, and of course, the state of going into and out of prosperity and working in peace.




























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