China Railway Construction Xipai Huanhua

The geographical location of the project gathers the historical and modern context of Chengdu. The positioning of Xipai Huanhua belongs to the top product of the Western faction. The atrium is enclosed by three buildings, and the depth of the space is about 50 meters. How to organically combine natural beauty, architectural beauty and humanistic beauty in such a limited space to create an infinite artistic conception is a priority for designers before writing.

Design highlights: The three main courtyards are Poetry Garden, Tea Garden and Moon Garden.

Yuan represents an important part of Chinese culture, including civilization, a slow pace of life, and the importance of family, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion. Each main courtyard surrounds a building, and a unique function will be designed as the highlight of the courtyard. There will be other smaller independent courtyards around the main courtyard to provide residents with different functional needs.

Poetry Garden-As the nearest courtyard to the main entrance, the Poetry Garden has a shallow pool with Chinese poetry printed on the bottom. People can touch the water by using the recesses next to the water feature or walking on the floating steps.

Tea garden-courtyard refers to creating a relaxing atmosphere for people who enjoy slow life and high-quality life. In such a courtyard, a comfortable rest area and a stepping tea garden will be provided. One of the pocket gardens where people can play chess. This strategy game is very popular in Chinese culture. People can play with family and friends; the chess table will be surrounded by a water wall so that people can enjoy the game in a quiet environment.

Moonlight Court-the courtyard has two main features: under the sky bridge, there is a water cascading landscape and an amphitheater, which can be transformed into an outdoor art exhibition space on special occasions. The second feature of Moonlight Court is the Seasoning Art Garden, which is located in the center of the atrium. This garden area will be installed with an art garden frame with movable seats. Secondly, the end of the bridge is connected to the fun children's playground, providing a playable area for children.

We use the angle of appreciation of art to experience the charm of the landscape design of the Xipai Huanhua project, which may be very mysterious. But if one day after many years, when you are quietly standing on the balcony, or walking in the courtyard, put down your mobile phone and stare at it, you will surely appreciate the ability of the landscape designer to travel through time.




















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