Shenyang Jindi Mid-Levels

The project is located in Dadong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. There is a shelterbelt of nearly 40,000 square meters on the south side of the base. The entire shelterbelt isolates the tense atmosphere of the modern city and provides an opportunity to create a unique ecological future community. An elegant residence in the forest, creating a model area of ​​modern life that combines ecology and elegance.

Our design goal is to realize the renewal of the shelterbelt, that is, to incorporate rich life scenes into the primary forest; the second is to realize the symbiosis of the shelterbelt and the landscape, and the symbiosis of the human settlement and the shelterbelt. The preservation of 100% primary shelterbelts is an important basis for us to realize the renewal of shelterbelts; the integration of human settlements into 100% primary forests is an important strategy for the symbiosis between humans and the environment.

Lulu, the half-mountain forest inhabited by deer, where there are lush forests, clear streams, green grass and morning dew and sunset. We carefully protect every native arbor, and gently fall into the forest with the characteristic landscape of French style. Every courtyard seems to have grown here.

This is a rare heaven-sent mystery, containing a romantic community life away from the hustle and bustle. Open the window and see the lush greenery, walk out the door and breathe naturally. This is the best gift of life.

The scenery wall stands against the water, and the lush greenery in the shelter forest is faintly visible behind it. Climbing up the steps, the still water on both sides reflects the sky, and the water surface is dotted with three or two lights, creating a quiet atmosphere. A landscape illuminating the wall with a carved forest deer directly in front of the wall, through the hollow wrought iron grille, faint waves can be seen.

Going around the wall and climbing up the stairs, the space became dense, and then suddenly it became clear again, and the Cangshi stacked water appeared in front of him. The water of the waterfall and pool is taken from nature and returned to nature, and the rocks and green plants are like a miniature of the mountain. A cool four season hall on the "mountain" leads people forward.

Climbing up the stairs and continuing on, you will encounter a small bridge. The bridge faces the water and is hidden among the Maolin mountains and rocks. Cross the small bridge and pass through Maolin to arrive at the Four Seasons Hall.

After walking through the Maolin stone steps, there is an elegant French-style gallery. The veil is lightly fluttering with the wind. Looking back from the height, you can see the water flow like a small waterfall, following the first-class light trickle, the sound of the water seems to make the whole world quiet .

During the field investigation, it was found that the current shelter forest is not only lush and leafy, but also the different elevations of trees and trees have formed a rich original topographical relationship in the site; in order to find the most suitable landscape construction space and point, in order to preserve and respect the site For each tree, designing and laying out the wires on the spot during the design process is an important guarantee for the final realization of the project.

The landscape retains the original shelter forest trees to the greatest extent, making the corridors seem to grow among the natural forests, and the sun shines through the grille with deer antlers as the pattern prototype, sprinkling varying light and shadow effects.

Indoor stream water gurgled from the shadows of the trees and flowed down the walls, surrounded by starlight reed lamps, and the shadows of the trees reflected on the shallow water, with little stars, as if the Milky Way fell into the world.






























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