Beijing Contemporary Tongzhou Wanguocheng MOMA Project Experience Center

Beijing Contemporary Tongzhou Wanguocheng MOMA Project Experience Center is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing, with a project area of ​​1,300 square meters.

Pay attention to the characteristics of water and its flow, yin and yang, virtual reality, light and darkness, movement, existence and non-existence, instant and eternity...

The emperor has nobleness, but it is undoubtedly rash to define it with a single grandeur. The cultural heritage, the magnificent structure, the gentle atmosphere, the rich temperament, the dragon and the tiger, the area of ​​the first kind, together interpret a more high-quality human settlement. environment.

Perhaps, every individual can understand from the realm of water: when alone, happy; when Fanchang, aloof; when nothing happens, be safe; when things happen, be calm; when frustrated, be calm; when you are determined, be indifferent; so, then Time is quiet and good, but also courageous and diligent.

Too fast development often makes architecture lose its original meaning. The ultimate meaning of wealth may lie in turning the exquisite quality of life into cloth, in other words, when the shock of materialization at first sight is transformed into ordinary spiritual pleasure, a good house is truly Value will slowly emerge, and every bit of elegance and sophistication in the five-star clubhouse will unexpectedly be transformed into daily use.

In this sense, the decorative oil paintings, art galleries, and Chinese circles in the negotiation area are all softened for this conversion, so that the commercial appeals of this case have an appropriate channel to reach the minds of potential customers.

Paying attention to the beauty of art, sometimes it is so high that it cannot eat the fireworks in the world, but the designers of G&K always pay attention to details and strive for perfection. The suspension system replaces the traditional rigid art hanging display method. The whole installation can even include every corner.

Indeed, the charm of design is not just the imagination of the artist, it requires ingenuity and skill in every subtlety.

The water bar, red wine and cigar bar, and tea room cater to the different leisure habits and needs of potential customers. Just like the negotiation area, VIP area and even VIP lounge, they also target different potential customer groups. ——Indeed, the consistent space, art, and humanities allow potential customers to seamlessly switch between Chinese and Western multiculturalism, always maintain a high style and calmness, and always refuse to be ridiculous and anxious.

Space, art, and humanity are the three themes given to this case by the designer. "Tao De Jing" said: "The good is like water, water is good for all things without fighting, and it is the evil of everyone, so it is more than the way." The most conspicuous chandelier in the hall is inspired by the designer's philosophy on water, Bojing Art The form of water is solidified in the physical sense, but the aura of water is brought to the extreme in the artistic sense. Lao Tzu's deep understanding of water and its characteristics gave the water of nature a profound cultural connotation, and thus achieved a broad and magnificent wisdom.

The light is pouring down like water, and the flowing wood, stone, and metal slowly appear sunny, light and indifferent, so the large white space becomes the bearing of light and shadow. In it, time and light seem to be one and the same, and its beauty is enough Moving; glass does not seem to have a physical existence, allowing light to travel freely indoors and outdoors with the scenery-indeed, the change of light and shadow and unobstructed beauty have become the best embellishment of interior decoration.

And those shadows, as if gentle touch, let the material and texture slowly reveal, clear and solemn, calm and dignified, cold and hot, quiet and righteous in the world, silently telling the loud sounds and the invisible elephants. It is not difficult to find that in the current era when images are almost overflowing, the gist of G&K’s designers is to transcend engineering sculpted mortars, and trace the truth and spirit in the background of the design sense through the dappled water and shadows. ——Sages and things, taking water as a mirror, the growth of the soul is a process of constantly testing the boundary between yin and yang and finally gaining wisdom.

The outdoor landscape reflects the water and the sky, and the wind and moon are just right. The designer arranged waterproof canvas tents, wooden lounge chairs, and bamboo and rattan sofas and coffee tables. Natural materials, natural environment and natural mood are the best match.


















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