New York office expansion design of Zillow Group, an American real estate information platform

"Zillow Group, the largest real estate market information platform in the United States, operates three real estate websites: Zillow, Trulia and StreetEasy. Zillow was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, DC. This project is an expansion design of its New York office. Designed by the SGA team of the design company.

Zillow's New York office expanded two floors of approximately 2,230 square meters. While creating a new space, the SGA design team also upgraded the original office floor to create a smoothly organized, diverse, and cohesive new workspace. .

The design team first applied Revit to create an architectural model of each floor, and assigned materials, finishes, furniture, brand elements, lighting and mechanical equipment, etc., to generate a rendering tour through the Enscape real-time scene renderer. So that relevant shareholders in several cities in North America can quickly and accurately understand the design effect through intuitive rendering scenes and make timely decisions.

VDC is another term that has become popular in the engineering construction industry in recent years. The full name is Virtual Design + Construction in English and virtual design and construction in Chinese. In this case, the design team applied this technology to create a collaborative working atmosphere through an open plan layout and leisure space, coupled with a traditional meeting room equipped with top-notch video conferencing equipment, enough to support the close connection between Zillow and its customers.













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