Yichang Yifu Paradise Elderly Care Organization of Gezhouba Group

People need to get a sense of interconnection from architecture, including the interconnection between themselves and other people, as well as the relationship between human institutions and the natural world. This is especially important in senior care buildings. This project uses the techniques of traditional Chinese gardens to integrate architecture and nature. People walk through it and move scenery easily.

The first contradiction encountered by the project lies in the settlement of the contradiction between the topography of the slope and the barrier-free needs of elderly care facilities. The land is low in the south and high in the north, with a maximum drop of about 10 meters. It faces the Huangbai Lake Scenic Area in the north, and the scenery is beautiful, but the mountain on the north side obstructs the sight line, and the single building within the construction range cannot see the north side landscape.

First, the large site is divided into 5 terraces, from high to low: five-level mountain top platform, four-level apartment entrance platform, three-level garage and clubhouse second-level platform, second-level main entrance platform, and first-level nursing area The platform, thus, combines functional zoning with vertical design.

The first level is that the nursing area is located on the southwest side of the site, which is the lowest location and is also close to the entrance and exit of the site.

The second-level main entrance platform is the image display layer connected to the outside. The entrance of the clubhouse and the entrance of the apartment area share the gate, and the pedestrian flow line enters from this.

The platform of the third-level garage is at the same elevation as the second floor of the clubhouse. Vehicles can enter the garage directly without a separate ramp for the garage. It is very convenient and safe for the elderly to return home through the corridor on the second floor of the clubhouse and the vertical elevator.

The fourth level is the apartment entrance platform, which mainly serves vehicles. Vehicles reach the drop-off area from the circular ramp around the site, and then enter each apartment building through the wind and rain corridor.

The highest peak area is the fifth-level platform. By setting up a gentle slope on the hillside, the elderly can enjoy the scenery of Huangbai Lake on the north side from the top of the mountain.

Except for the unique nursing area, the main part of the site is a healthy apartment for the elderly. The layout adopts the method of central axis, with the clubhouse as the core, connecting the various apartment buildings with wind and rain corridors. The whole building falls on the terraces of three elevations.

The clubhouse adopts an inner courtyard layout, organized by two courtyards, one main and one auxiliary. The main courtyard is arranged symmetrically along the central axis of the site, surrounded by arcades, reflecting the sense of formality and ritual, forming a good first impression. At the same time, the quality of the surrounding activity houses has also been greatly improved through the courtyard landscape.

On the west side, an auxiliary courtyard is set up perpendicular to the main courtyard to enrich and set off the main courtyard. The two courtyards have different landscape designs to produce different feelings. One is open and the other is elegant, the other is lively and the other is quiet. Try to arrange around the main courtyard as much as possible, and arrange the relatively quiet rooms around the auxiliary courtyard to naturally realize dynamic and static partitioning.

This project also designed a U-shaped courtyard in the nursing area. The buildings are arranged around the courtyard. Various service vehicles are parked outside the courtyard. The internal courtyard provides a quiet, safe and comfortable small-scale space for the elderly. Physical exercise, sunbathing, socializing, rest and other activities.

In order to reduce the pressure of the building and coordinate with the mountain landscape, the roof adopts a step-by-step method of stepping back to create a rich skyline outline. At the same time, a stepped roof garden is provided for the elderly living on the fourth to sixth floors to meet the needs of nursing the elderly. Under the circumstances, there are more nearby outdoor venues.

In terms of spatial organization, first avoid the sense of emptiness. There are no large-span, large-empty lounges and rooms, and more small lounges are set up at the corners of the corridors and at the transition of functional spaces.

Two or three sets of seats can be put down on the scale. In addition, if the corridor length exceeds about 25 meters, it is necessary to set up seats for rest.

The flow line uses two round-shaped corridors around the two courtyards. There is no end corridor, which reduces the length of the walking path and is simple and easy to identify.

The clubhouse is designed to take into account the integration of the walking system of all healthy elderly apartments. The apartment’s elevators go directly to the internal corridors of each floor of the clubhouse. The elderly can use various facilities in the same building without going outside.

The residential area of ​​the elderly adopts the layout mode of residential units. The two branches of the building have a residential unit in each of the north and south branches. According to a reasonable nursing ratio, each unit has 12 to 14 rooms.

Each unit is similar to a large family, with independent nurse station and complete room facilities such as medical treatment, bathroom, kitchen, disinfection, linen, and toilet.

The two units share a spacious living room in the middle of the floor, which can satisfy the elderly's daytime activities and communication. At the same time, it also doubles as a large dining room, allowing the elderly to fully feel the atmosphere of home.

The Chinese-style architecture of the Republic of China has the dignity and vigor of the north and the dexterity and delicateness of the south. It has absorbed the grace and elegance of Western classical architecture, and the simplicity and liveliness of modern architecture, forming a warm and heavy architectural style.

























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