Greentown Changxing Commercial Plaza Phase II

On September 30, 2018, the second phase of Greentown Changxing Commercial Plaza officially opened. The project is located in Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with Yaohan in the south and the first phase of the project in the southwest. Together, the three constitute the local core commercial area.

When taking over the project, the design team faced many challenges: the first phase of Greentown Changxing Commercial Plaza's commercial display surface was not good, the shops were too large, and the flow of shops in the inner square was limited, and the lack of commercial atmosphere resulted in setbacks; at the same time, The first operation of the retail business giant Yaohan also brought considerable competitive pressure to the first phase.

How to design a shopping mall with a volume of only more than 40,000 square meters to achieve a sudden emergence in the existing business circle, and to drive and reverse the operating conditions of the first phase, the architect has made a series of attempts.

Open as the starting point to realize the flow of people sharing

In response to the problem of poor introduction of commercial flow, the design team set up main commercial entrances and exits at the northeast and northwest corners of the second phase plot on the basis of ensuring the integrity of the main display area, and efficiently introduced the flow of people from the two main display areas to drive internal commerce. Moving line. At the same time, entrances and exits are also set up in the middle of the south side of the first floor of the shopping center, leading the flow of people to the first-stage commercial plaza, and revitalizing the entire plot of business.

Reasonably set up nodes to ensure business integrity

Based on the large and shallow topography of the main mall, the architect used several streamlined, soft and narrow small-scale atriums to connect the first and second two-story commercial lines in series. Various retail shops and large-scale businesses are arranged on both sides of the moving line, creating a high-end and fashionable shopping atmosphere.

The small-scale atrium uses irregular geometric shapes to create a rich and changeable space, encouraging people to explore freely in the architecture. Looking down from above, the atrium is layered on top of each other like a canyon, forming an organic and continuous structure.

On the 3rd to 4th floors of the shopping mall, an open-air open atrium was designed, and small shops of about 10 square meters formed a cluster along the atrium sky street, which was reserved for the layout of the food street, making the business more diversified.

The two-story commercial flyover connects the first and second phases, driving the flow of commercial people in the first phase.

Reasonably adjust the floor height to drive business vitality

According to the needs of the format, the commercial fourth floor will introduce a cinema to drive popularity, so the height of the 1st to 2nd floors has been reduced, and the 3rd to 4th floors have also been reasonably adjusted. In this way, not only the business format is enriched, the heightened shops can also be used as mezzanine treatment, which is conducive to the sales and operation of the shops.

Enhancing the premium space and flexibly transforming the rent-to-sale ratio

Taking into account the multiple needs and uncertainties of the developers for the business model of the store in the future, the strategy of mining store premiums is designed to provide more reservations for the "flexibility" in development, construction and operation, and it can support the conversion of rent-to-sale ratios on demand in the future. .

The project has realized the step-down steps along the main entrances of the north, south and west sides of the building, and each stepped-out deck is designed with a large area of ​​terrace outside space, which increases the added value of the store, increases the premium space, and also satisfies the project as a fast-selling type. Maximize the benefits of the product.

From large indoor shops of 200-300 square meters to small-area corridor shops of about 10 square meters, the diversification of store spaces enriches the business formats and increases functional selling points.

The design of the landscape vertical ladder not only guarantees the accessibility of the upper-level business, but also realizes the uniformity of the value of the upper-level shops.

In addition, the design uses simple and lively lines to outline the temperament of modern buildings, and the selection of ultra-conventional large-scale perforated panels makes the building elegantly recognizable in the urban interface. The addition of a small number of detailed lines of classical buildings shows the classic and noble architecture in a low-key.

The second phase of Greentown Changxing Commercial Plaza uses a small and sophisticated boutique shopping model to drive the commercial vitality of the entire area. Through design methods such as opening up space, setting nodes, adjusting floor heights, and increasing premiums, the commercial value of the building is effectively improved.



















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