Red Star·Qinghuahai PARK

Qinghuahai Park is located on the banks of Qinghuahai Sea, nestled beside the 10,000-acre Qinghuahai Wetland Park known as the "Eye of Baoshan".

At the entrance, the traditional Chinese gardening technique is used to show the grand and majestic atmosphere of the high gate compound. With "harmony without difference" as the core of the design, it incorporates the essence of the local millennium landscape and humanity.

The threshold is inspired by the beautiful mountains and rivers of Baoshan, and the creative splicing of thousands of stars of different lengths with modern art creates a graceful environment of overlapping mountains in western Yunnan.

Light is a gift from heaven in this city. Close view of distant mountains, sprinkled with spring in the garden. The designer focused on the details of the scenery wall, with a patchwork of linear hollow design. As time goes by, the sunlight passes through the scenery wall and dances lightly on the ground.

On the contact surface between the corridor and the water court, the designer skillfully used the filaments of running water to flow down from the top of the corridor, like a curtain like a waterfall. Through the curtain of water, you can see the boundless water court.

In the wide water courtyard, there are many warm chess pieces, and the thousand-year-old Yongzi culture is embodied here.

The shape of Yongzi is made of stainless steel, and through the processing method of hollow carving oracle bone inscriptions, the wisdom and culture of the ancients are fully displayed through a small chess piece. The round and smooth chess pieces carry the five thousand years of Chinese civilization and wisdom, and their gods convey the infinite enterprising spirit of cities in the new era.

At the bottom of the water court, the smooth winding but irregular light band abstractly interprets the grand scenery of the ancient people's curved water flow. Echoing with the surface of the water, the distant mountains contain Daisy, and the near water is like smoke like a real fantasy.

The blue sky and clouds in the water reveal the world between illusion and reality. The art glass in the distance spells out the beauty of the mountains and mountains in the form of screens, which is as true as illusion, as if combining the real and real mountain views in the distance with the virtual and real mountain views in the screen.

The mountains on the screen are outlined by overlapping simple lines, the filament lamps sway in the wind in the corridor, and the orderly light strips on the columns show the majesty and sense of self-discipline of the Chinese mansion. Natural and humanities are blending and advancing at this moment.

The bright color matching and streamlined design of the children's activity area, as if you can see the children running and playing and the silver bell-like laughter in the next moment. The design of the facilities hides ancient and modern, modern and smooth line design, three-dimensional interlacing of straight lines and curves, and at the same time implied the play style of round chess pieces, the childlikeness reveals the profound wisdom and philosophy of life of Chinese Go.

The broad lawn is full of green eyes and exudes bursts of green grass. Moving forward along the moving line, a beautiful scene of western Yunnan where the person is in the middle of the painting emerges.

The pedestrian entrance of the vehicle space is composed of a winding but square standard path. The moon gate, plants and lawns, and the combination of Chinese floor lamps, concise color matching and neatly cut floor tiles are neatly spliced, and the modern art atmosphere fully reflects the etiquette of a Chinese mansion. Rule instrument.

A place for human habitation, an oriental art mansion, where one can find a place to retreat, and here to pay tribute to nature with the system of rituals, and to find the degree of peace with nature with the heart of etiquette.






























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