Beichen Mansion, Haikou

In design, we often need to take care of two opposite principles at the same time, releasing while controlling, lifting when letting go, retreating when moving forward, and breaking while continuing.

At a time when the temperament of most of the start-up areas tends to be unified, how to create an architectural form that "does not stack symbols and does not repeat monotonously" through the combination of traditional culture and modern aesthetics will be a proposition that has been widely discussed.

We hope to find a way in the design that can really be large while being small, light and heavy at the same time, deep and shallow at the same time, and modern at the same time as traditional, because all the elements can be finally found One way to coexist, all exploration is essentially a lovely fantasy of the next wave.

This project is located in Haikou City, Hainan Province. As the exhibition center and sales center of the plot, this project leads the spiritual outlook of the entire plot. The client hopes that the building will take into account the needs of function and aesthetics, and reflect the local architectural features in style without losing the modern and popular temperament.

At the beginning of thinking about the design, we decided to dig deeper from three major aspects to shape the uniqueness and uniqueness of the building, not only to meet the needs of the owners, but also to add some innovative attempts to the design style and techniques.

We excavate exclusive cultural symbols from local characteristic buildings, and create a changing interior light perception through dismantling techniques, while forming a more "unique" iconic appearance.

Due to the long display surface of the site along the city, we hope to design a plan with a strong sense of horizontal strength, through a flowing white balustrade to control the lightweight figure, adding the vocabulary of modern architecture, and coexisting harmoniously with the suspended roof of the main body.

Finally, some elements with strong local architectural and cultural characteristics are used harmoniously in the design of the building facade while combining structural requirements to complete the finishing touch.

Due to the climatic characteristics of Hainan, we hope that the plan can have more indoor and outdoor integration. Different from the straightforward flow lines of the traditional exhibition center, we tried to elevate the main exhibition function to the second floor through a gray space that blends indoors and outdoors.

The local traditional buildings in Hainan are relatively transparent and light, and emphasize the interaction with natural elements. We hope to continue this concept of flexible enjoyment of space into the use of this project, and create a series of interesting and enjoyable experiential spaces.

In the use of materials for the main body of the building, we chose a combination of materials that echoes the local architectural style of Hainan. The roof and the main body use wooden facing materials, listening to nature, and approaching ecological Hainan; partially using white and mirrored metal materials to enhance the aesthetics of modern industry, while outlines the whole with simple and bright lines. In addition, high-transmittance glass is used to strengthen the contrast between virtual and reality and the rhythm change, so that the building can simultaneously show the artistic quality of bright, light, natural and culturally rich.

Modern design and traditional culture are not contradictory. Every attempt is a new understanding and taste.

The exterior façade shape and the interior space are naturally transitioned, bringing soft and changing light to the interior, creating a different experience atmosphere.

From the complex to the simple, explore another level of form in the form; from the simple to the complex, the perception and understanding continue to sublimate.

To fully express the original intention of the design requires the unremitting efforts and mutual understanding of everyone. I sincerely thank the owners for their trust in us from the beginning of the project to the completion of the construction, and for their tireless support.























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