Qianwan International Community Unbounded Park

The project is located in the middle of downtown Hangzhou and Xiaoshan Airport. Although it is only ten kilometers away from the airport, it still maintains a considerable distance from popular areas such as Hangzhou’s main urban area, West Lake scenic area, and Xiaoshan commercial circle. The only thing to be thankful for is: The project site is close to the Qianjiang River and only one kilometer away from the river bank. There is also a beautiful artificial lake on one side of the plot.

In the upper plan, the entire area is positioned as a "mature suburban international community", which includes high-rise residential buildings, nursing communities, medical and hotel facilities, cultural education, and so on.

Although the prospects are good, the current situation that the development unit has to face is: how to place a site far away from the city center, where regional awareness has not been established, no permanent population around the plot, inconvenient public transportation, and infrastructure and supporting facilities that need to be strengthened During the development and construction of large-scale communities?

As a research-oriented landscape design agency, Guangmu Landscape was commissioned to start planning and researching the landscape value of the entire area.

The team’s primary task is to provide a forward-looking landscape space plan tailored to local conditions for the first-phase demonstration area and residential area, and to provide the owner with a “landscape sequence” in the time dimension. Through the timing of phased development, the owner’s landscape can be sorted out. The expectation is broken down into four stages, one by one, the center of the landscape experience is established, and the memory elements of the landscape experience are gradually established layer by layer.

The importance of green space to cities is self-evident, and adding green space in planning has become the "political correctness" of this era. This sentence naturally contains two connotations, one is natural attribute; the other is social attribute.

From the perspective of natural attributes, in a series of steps, the most critical starting point of the design is how to understand the publicity of the demonstration area, how to connect and continue the natural transition relationship between the demonstration area and the residential area.

Plot A is located at the intersection of the artificial lake and Xianfeng River. It is easily connected to the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, but it is not a necessary place for urban roads. Fortunately, the plot is large enough to create a closed environment with natural ecological significance in a self-contained system.

From the perspective of social attributes, the most far-sighted decision made by the owners and Guangmu is to set the demonstration area as an urban park rather than an exhibition and sales environment for real estate. In new areas where the popularity is insufficient, the contribution of doing so is obvious and far-reaching. This behavior is equivalent to sharing one's own living room with the neighbors, and the originally relatively private space suddenly has good social value.

The needs of the communities around the site are mostly rigid needs, with a large number of young people and families. The future Xiaoshan Science and Technology City will also introduce a large number of knowledgeable people. From the perspective of demand, whether it is a systematic large-scale urban green space or a phased public landscape space, the design of the wide acres is aimed at surpassing the traditional ecological environmental utility in the context of high-density interpersonal space, but more Many places carry the social functions of interpersonal interaction places.

Among the nearly 18,000 square meters of parks, the children's space covering an area of ​​3,200 square meters is the most popular "paradise" among the citizens. The undulating pedestrian bridge, the plastic dynamic colorful maze, the hand-made area where the fine sand enters, the tree house hidden in the jungle and the flying saucer... constitute a series of people-friendly and daily landscape infrastructure.

As a result, keywords related to experience such as social interaction, knowledge, sharing, and parenting have become the keywords of "Boundless Park". As for the fact that this park has now become the "net celebrity check-in site" of the entire Xiaoshan District, it was unexpected but reasonable at the beginning of the design.

However, it seems that it is not enough to understand the design from the perspective of social value and functional effectiveness. The greatest ambition of the wide-acre landscape is also constructed on the cultural attributes and visual identity, making it a work that "must belong to Hangzhou".

Hangzhou is located in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Thousands of years of "water culture" from the West Lake, the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, and then to the Qianjiang River. This set of relationships prompted the landscape design to use the "Qianjiang Tide" as a cultural element and apply the language of the Qianjiang River. Among the landscape layout and details.

The linear flowing space frame, as the soul element of landscape shaping, has become a landscape form parallel to the urban modern style.

From the urban interface to the flow processing of Wujie Park, all respond to the theme of water culture. The design uses water as the theme to create lakeside feelings with different atmospheres, and uses high-quality natural landscapes to use the lakeside area as the community's back garden and sports experience park, and it has become a characteristic outdoor waterfront forest experience resort in Xiaoshan. Although the scale of the site is not small, the landscape design is still compact and interesting, without any extravagance.

Wide acres use diversified paving material system design: entrance (gravel polymer), garden road (light gray volcanic rock), porch (gray floor tiles), steps (double-sided granite) and other different positions are carefully pavement, different But it is harmonious and unified; the landscape lighting system continues the theme of flow, and also fits the movement of the youth community; the plant design is based on specially selected cypress and hackberry, which constitutes the overall tone of the forest, with camphor and early cherry embellishment. The color matching is fashionable and elegant; the soft decoration design has also undergone a lot of customized processing, not only the theme sculptures and garden facilities, but also a large number of original landscape sketches distributed in the children's area and play area.

On the basis of these implementation details, Guangmu has carried out several rounds of cost optimization control for customers, and carefully compared and selected suppliers and materials, which not only achieved the initial predetermined effect, but also saved considerable construction costs. .

Today, Wujie Park is radiating its own gravitational effect, which plays a rare positive role in the future development of the entire community environment, the life experience of existing residents, and the subtle continuation of history and culture. With flow and movement as the core, Wujie Park connects the dynamic relationship between human activities and natural systems in the form of urban landscape infrastructure, and tells the enterprising belief of Hangzhou in the 21st century.







































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