Shenzhen Tianjian Creative Center

Tianjian Creative Center (Shenzhen Tianjian Technology Center R&D Building) is located in the west of Antuo Mountain, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The project covers an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​110,000 square meters. With architecture as the core, the project intends to create a business office environment with modern spatial temperament. The landscape design aims to take into account the display of the park image, the needs of business activities and the relaxation of leisure time.

Landscape design concept

1. Multi-interface spatial expression

The project exists around the building, and there are many spaces in the site where the facades of the buildings, the planes of the site and the ceiling surfaces of the tall buildings coexist and have an image relationship. The multiple interfaces are the base of each other and complement each other, which complements each other and blends together.

2. Create flexible space

The limited space and efficient use make the space a booth, stage, stand and pavilion, and a space with display performances, employee activities and leisure and relaxation.

The landscape space of this project is closely related to the main body of the building, so the landscape design vocabulary absorbs the line characteristics of the building's rhombus glass curtain wall and evolves it into the design language of ground paving, exterior wall decoration patterns and specific structures to achieve different design interfaces Unity and integration.

The periphery of the park is mainly used for driving and fire fighting. It is mainly hard pavement. The south side is a commercial street. The paving is black, white and gray granite tiles with different proportions. The paving pattern is matched with the building's diamond glass curtain wall. Folded lines. At the same time, the different folding surfaces of the building curtain wall reflect irregular texture patterns, and the two interfaces jointly interpret the street atmosphere with a sense of jumping. The entrance to the southeast side of the park is guided by the characteristic LOGO scenery wall, and the latter two sets of arc-shaped overlapping water scenery walls and central axis tree rows form the skeleton of the inner core square, which naturally leads people's sight into the core square of the park. Two sets of stacked waterscape walls divide the core square into east and west halves, which not only facilitate the zoning of the site, but also form two sets of semi-shielded leisure green islands, with water features, artistic sculptures, wooden platforms and artistic stools. , To create an environment for two breaks after work. The inspirational propaganda on the scenery wall inspires the strugglers here every day and demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the park. In the eastern part of the square in the core, the height difference between the square and the entrance of the building is used to form a folded stage, with irregular planting pools dotted with it, echoing the fold-shaped and changeable curtain wall form of the building. The two sides meet the daily traffic function, and the middle part is designed to have the function of a small theater seat, which can meet the small and medium-sized outdoor performance activities in the venue, and improve the efficiency and flexibility of the venue.

The entrance on the northwest side of the park is developed with a large mirror overflow waterscape. The interior of the waterscape is equipped with landscape elements such as a two-story water drop, a park logo, an array fountain, and a vertical tree array. The large-area mirrored waterscape is decorated with black glossy granite and mirrors the surrounding architectural glass curtain walls, forming a scene that is also illusory and true, with light and shadows. At the same time, it echoes the protruding part of the top building, forming an open and atmospheric park hall, which exudes the image of a high-end office park whether from outside the park or from inside the park.

From the entrance on the north side, bypassing the waterscape and entering the park, you can see the curved steps connecting the northwest entrance and the inner courtyard on the second floor. They span both ends of the building. Several small resting platforms are dotted among them, adding a lively atmosphere to the wide curved steps. , And at the same time provide a good publicity display interface for the owners. The curved steps are designed in a gradual form from 300mm wide to 800mm wide according to the conditions of the site, giving the curved steps a sense of rhythm.

Entering the inner courtyard on the second floor, in order to meet the needs of future business formats, the site is mainly paved. Surrounded by two square patios, green spaces and wooden decks are arranged. The boundary is irregular, and the square building patio. To form a contrast, to avoid the venue is too restrictive. Due to the limitations of the building's soil covering, the planting is mainly low ground covers and small shrubs, and several small trees are dotted and arranged.

The landscape design of the project takes advantage of the architectural interface and the characteristics of the curtain wall materials in a compact space to create a visually changing landscape effect, while maximizing the functional needs of the owner.






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