Greenland landscape at the entrance of Shenhai Expressway Bamboo Walk in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone

Nantong, I have never been to this city in the future.

The Internet portrays Nantong with sophisticated text, beautiful pictures and even sonorous tones. However, when I turned off the screen of my phone, I didn't leave any clear images in my mind, just like every night view of a city is colorful but difficult to distinguish.

It may be difficult for you to enter a city on foot; however, you can drop from the sky and look down on the city’s structure and nature; you can also ride a galloping train, running from vast fields to tall buildings; for me, driving from the road, Slowing down at the high-speed entrance is the most pleasant and friendly way.

Sitting in the car bound for Nantong, I had no expectations for this strange city in front of me. The high-speed entrance is like a gateway garden, but no garden can make people shine.

However, what I saw was something I didn't expect.

The change in speed indicated that the destination was about to arrive. I opened my eyes and took a look at the "Entrance Garden" in Nantong. What I saw was not a garden, but a "hill", which made me suspect that I had taken the wrong car. Mobile phone positioning display: Zhuhang entrance of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone.

At first glance, I faintly felt that Nantong is a stylish city. The strong landscape language of the high-speed entrance introduced himself loudly: This is a friendly green and ecological city, which is the spirit and characteristics of Nantong.

This area has a highly variable height difference. The design team did not flatten the ground, copy a "rich landscape", nor did it allow it to develop into a "primitive green space."

Landscape art, this is a rare rough expression, but there is no doubt that it is carefully designed. Compared with the exquisite gardening techniques, such magnificent scenes are more suitable for the visual experience of the car dealers. At a speed of 40km/h, no matter how delicate the details are, it seems to be a fake; at a quick glance, what I see is a balance between the real nature, the city and the people.

I can't help thinking and wondering, where will this entrance lead? This is the most convenient high-speed gateway to access the NETDA business district. So, will the NETDA business district have strong image and cultural characteristics like the landscape at the entrance of the bamboo walk?

NETDA business district is the planned central business district of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a large-scale functional project integrating administrative offices, business offices, financial trade, commercial services, leisure and entertainment, and high-end residential buildings. Under the background of the southward movement of Nantong's urban center, the economic development zone pays more and more attention to the image of the city and the natural ecology. The entrance view of the bamboo walk just reflects the goal and responsibility of the city and nature to coexist and promote each other.

City and nature, this is an eternal topic. What kind of city is Nantong, and what kind of nature is Nantong's nature? The impression of rivers and seas, the coexistence of natural rivers and seas, orderly cities, and humanistic impressions is an interpretation of Nantong. It is the pride of people on this land and the perfect color that guests who come to this city look forward to. .

The special aura of this city of rivers and seas gives the keynote of the design of the entrance of the bamboo line-the green wave gate at the end of the river. The wavy land landscape faces the east, as if it is flowing from the place where the sun rises; combined with multi-layer planting, it forms a strong and rich visual effect; the open depression lawn serves as the foreground, which assumes the function of rainwater collection, reducing a certain amount The cost and frequency of daily maintenance.

The original hydrology rejects the rough "filling" and "shoveling"; instead, it has been modernized, transformed and reused to improve the viewing and at the same time play the role of rainwater collection.

People and cities are much like the relationship between men and women. The feeling at first glance often determines the direction of the feelings. The first sight of Nantong made me see that it bears the stigma of northern culture and is deeply influenced by southern culture; it makes me want to know more about it, and want to know its bright and open side, it will be What kind of enchanting lingering.

The waves under the sun turned into the Milky Way in the night. The soft light strips depict beautiful lines and form a strong contrast with the straight through highways, as if they are comforting those who return late, and the home is not far away.

What do you expect when you enter the city?























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