Guangzhou Longhu Tianyi Landscape Design

When the hustle and bustle of the city is gradually compressing the leisurely space, Longhu Tianyi chose to subvert the limitations of the land and landscape, creating a unique way of creating high and low curve art, and opening up a magnificent and atmospheric view hidden in the mansion for the residents. The scale of the space creates a supernatural human settlement in which the scene is outside, the people are in the scene, and the nature and man are one.

Downward, there is a "tropical rain forest" hidden within a waterfall in the display area. On the horizon, I saw a few huge palm trees. The crown of the tree was like a huge green umbrella. The sturdy branches stretched to the bottom of the waterfall. It was more than 6 meters long, which is fascinating to explore. The circular waterfall has a diameter of 15 meters, and the circulating water is injected into the tank by a water pump, and then flows out by gravity from more than 1,800 sprinklers, and falls along the diversion line into the bottom pool, like a curtain shining with ten thousand rays of light. Within the waterfall, the project team used high, medium and low multi-level plants to form a shade of trees that shade the sky, and the forest is densely covered with ferns of various gorgeous colors and peculiar shapes. Form a rich hierarchy of plant communities. The entire tropical rain forest is full of vitality, and you can experience the face of the world and the most primitive relationship between mankind and nature.

A green valley about 65m long and nearly 6m sinking is also embedded in the courtyard of the residential area, forming a drop of about 15 meters above and below. This is the physical value of the sinking green valley and the three-dimensional dimension of the landscape. Just like "a winding path leads to a secluded place, and the buddhist house has deep flowers and trees", the ingenious layout gives people a strong sense of visual impact. Under the treatment of rhythmic color and texture changes, a series of simple arc-shaped green plant surfaces are extended. The entire island is transformed into a three-layer three-dimensional garden landscape, which increases the greening rate of the entire residential area to 40. %, in such a scarce urban core area can be described as reaching the extreme. The project team also used the world's precious plants and trees, along with flowers, trees, streams, and stones to continue the space agility, presenting a rich spatial scale and level, making the overall project more artistic and ecological.

On the top, the project team created a 10m high overhead floor, set up an indoor sky courtyard in the super wide space, extradite the natural landscape in the interior, so that the indoor and outdoor landscape can be fully extended and connected, and the seamless communication between man and nature is achieved. The design of the overhead layer condenses the natural elements of the great world, creating a quadruple landscape, and each layer of landscape is layered and progressive, and the visual effect is smart and full. Here, the elderly’s gathering and tea room, the youth’s art sculpture, the light office of the Lanting, the leisure platform of the shadow pavilion, the children’s indoor and outdoor children’s dream play area, the quiet reading space... the scenery is outside, people In the scene, it satisfies people's different needs for natural space, makes the space indulge in fresh oxygen, hides the comfort of private life, and creates the ultimate experience of symbiosis with nature.

Longhu Tianyi not only introduces green fields and hills into the park, but also waterscape runs through the park to connect the landscape, realizing the artistic conception of the harmony of mountains and waters. Water is the yearning of the human soul, and human beings like to live by choosing water since ancient times. In the waterscape planning and design of modern commercial residences, the use of large mirrored water systems is not uncommon. However, AECOM transforms water into multiple levels to create high-value mirrored waterscapes, interspersed with different scenes, and puts the clouds and mountains in Guangzhou. The agile temperament of water is vividly deduced.

Looking out from the public space and the library, it is hard not to be attracted by the two-meter waterfall and the three-level drop. The waterfall cascaded down, flying flowers splashing jade, soaking the surrounding green plants, making everything look more emerald green; when the water flows down the three-dimensional slate, it presents a rhythmic drop This ingenious setting not only softens the ground difference, but also makes people feel the beauty of nature, as if they are in a natural stream, creating a peaceful and warm mood.

The continuous guiding waterscape is connected with the characteristic arc-shaped scenery wall, creating a minimalist and extremely large mirrored water landscape of nearly 3000 square meters. Every inch of it reflects the natural vitality, conforms to the regulations of the wind and water, and supports the general trend of gathering wealth in the family. The design team used modernist external forms and construction methods, and combined the surrounding natural elements with transparent curved glass through the minimalist large mirrored waterscape. The virtual and the reality are interlaced and reflect each other. Through the clever trinity composition, the object and the situation are combined. , The artistic conception is perfectly blended, concise and soft, creating a freehand environment for leisure, viewing and meditation.

At the same time, the landscape design team used water, wind and rain corridors, and sky bridges to take off in series on the basis of the mirrored water system to take off Tiandi Waterfall, Layer Summit Hall, Lanyun Gaoge and Yunying Songhe. , The connection of each small node is carefully planned, smooth and natural: as the viewer moves and changes the scene, the mirrored water is cleverly transformed into a small waterfall, and the water falls into the middle courtyard, which weakens the sense of sinking. , Unobtrusive. Bibo is like a shining necklace, strung together like emeralds, fascinating green fields.

As the spiritual height of the upper level of the city, Baiyun Mountain is a place of luxury and retreat that countless people yearn for. According to historical records, Zheng Anqi, a high-ranking scholar at the end of Qin Dynasty, lived in seclusion in Baiyun Mountain, collecting medicines to help the world, and "went as a fairy" in Baiyun Mountain. Ge Hong, a native of the Jin Dynasty, used to make alchemy in Baiyun Mountain and wrote the Taoist masterpiece "Baopuzi". Longhu Tianyi, rooted at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, is not only a pure land in the noisy city, but also a spiritual resting place for modern people. AECOM's strict control of lighting conditions, lighting rendering, and paving and many other details has achieved Longhu Tianyi's noble and unassuming, quiet and secret characteristics.

In order to highlight the low-key luxury and not to break the sense of the natural landscape, the team carefully considered the lighting conditions, accurate to the four seasons lighting angles and light and shadow effects, making the entire residential area half hidden in the shade and half bathed in sunlight. Pina is astonishing, and like a dragon, it is a natural realm that is suitable for both movement and quiet in the paddling pool.

In terms of lighting, AECOM mainly uses point-type light sources and concealed designs to prevent the shape of the lamps from destroying the overall landscape. At the same time, it is equipped with floodlights to illuminate important nodes and plants to meet the nighttime function of the community. In the pavement, the design team used a lot of cool gray tones, in harmony with the natural theme environment, the local entrance was embellished with warm gray, emphasizing the entrance space, and outlined the profound artistic conception of the landscape painting with the overall black and white gray tone.

In addition, in order to reflect the privacy and exclusive sense of belonging of single-family houses, AECOM has designed a harmonious and unique household landscape for each building. The overall landscape of the five buildings uses the element of water. In order to connect to the various landscape scenes, water is its unity, and the forms of water vary greatly. There are majestic and large mirror waters, small bridges, smart waterfalls, and curved water streams..., in Incorporating individuality into commonality, creating a unique landscape for each resident. Being in Longhu Tianyi, breathing the mountains, wind, clouds, and trees of the city skyline, and the surrounding waterscape open up a retreat to the heart of the island, giving people a sense of seclusion in the mountains and forests, leisure and comfort.

Inheriting the tradition and spirit of Yangcheng, and extracting the romantic temperament of Yunshan Zhushui, AECOM integrates nature, humanities and urban spirit, not only presents an inspirational work for Guangzhou that breaks the limitations of space, but also for those who look forward to returning to the essence of life. Of people bring a sense of identity and belonging that can resonate with their own spirit.















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