PIE BIRD American Handmade Pie Shop, Xinzha Road, Shanghai

Pie Bird is a vintage American hand-made pie shop in the Jing An District of Shanghai. The shop is a modern version of a classic American corner store with traditional wood wainscoting at the counter and warm tones to create a vintage and charming atmosphere.

The name, Pie Bird, was inspired by the ceramic bird that was traditionally placed in the center of a pie while baking to prevent the crust from collapsing. The bird also allowed steam to escape, creating a whistle when the pie was finished baking.

Focus on the floor and ceiling was key to define the small space. Custom patterns, inspired by the shape of pies, were integrated into floor tiles and completed with a custom mosaic logo at the entrance. A modern interpretation of a classic ceiling features curved corners with gold tips and a stepped edge detail. Wood stripes on the wall, a subtle hint to the edge of a pie crust, complete the cozy store.






Tags: Interior design

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