Renovation design of Sinan Estron joint office

The Sinan Mansion is one of Shanghai's outstanding historical building protection projects, integrating humanity, fashion and history. There are 51 garden houses with a long history, and a variety of architectural styles such as independent garden houses, verandah-style buildings, and garden lanes are gathered at the same time. Yi Si Chuang Zhongchuang Space is located in the 15th building. The overall idea of ​​the interior design is to continue Sinan's humanistic feelings while creating an open, collaborative, relaxing and interesting shared office space.

The building renovation area was originally a gymnasium, the first floor is a swimming pool area, the second floor is an equipment and dressing area, and the third floor is a commercial building. Therefore, the difficulty of the design lies in: the reuse of the swimming pool area on the first floor and how to create a shared flexible office space suitable for young people in the limited space.

The final design brings a shared social office experience: in the first floor space, the traditional foyer + corridor office layout no longer exists. Instead, it is an open flow space with glass sliding doors. Fully open, the sun is shining, it is more like an old western-style house cafe hidden in a quiet alley.

From the perspective of internal space, we made full use of the swimming pool depth and building floor height on the first floor, and layered up and down within a limited height space, which not only increased the effective number of stations but also enriched the spatial form. At the same time, we carried out the emptying treatment on the second floor slab, and created a space that flows up and down with staggered stairs.

According to the layout of the building, a variety of office spaces of different specifications are set up for different entrepreneurs or teams to choose from. There are office spaces ranging from 3-20 people, and there are also open workstations suitable for personal use. In addition to the open shared space, coffee bar, discussion area, etc., telephone booths are also designed humanely, which not only avoids disturbing others, but also ensures the privacy of calls.

The indoor color matching uses the popular Morandi color matching system, using low-saturation color matching to show a low-key, luxurious and peaceful beauty. The use of a large number of modern materials such as glass, stainless steel, wood veneer, felt, exposed roof, and the introduction of new large cantilevered steel structure floor slabs, stairs, U-shaped glass partition walls and other architectural elements make the internal space extremely architectural Sense, full of modern flavor.

When designing the joint office space, we hope to provide a flexible and shared space, and the design makes full use of every corner. In addition to basic office facilities, we also set up a large area of ​​young and energetic leisure space to form a bright and light and comfortable atmosphere. When entrepreneurs work in their leisure time, freelancers from different backgrounds can communicate and communicate with each other, and perhaps they can also collide with sparks of inspiration.

The diversity of space and the comfort of the office experience are also the focus of the design. We are equipped with a desk that can be raised and lowered to take into account office efficiency and employee health. The tables and chairs of different shapes, freely arranged and combined, are suitable for different occasions, and the simple materials and bright colors create a fresh and energetic atmosphere.

Compared with the traditional serious office environment, it is more personalized here. In consideration of individual workstations, we provide fixed office locations to focus on work. You can also find a corner suitable for you at the bar, reading area, leisure corner or window, and work happily in a relaxed and pleasant environment.



























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