Small and sophisticated studio design by Pollio, Ukraine

"Happy new year! POP takes the application case of Pantone's 2019 popular color coral orange as the beginning of 2019, bringing you a touch of warmth, and I hope that the new year can share more stylish office space with you!

Pollio Studio, a construction company specializing in space design and house construction, has recently moved into a new office in Kiev, Ukraine. Although the area is not large, it presents a stunning artistic beauty with superb space planning and color scheme, which is very worthy of everyone's reference. This case was created by the interior design company Alive design design team.

This is a very small office space, where the reception area and work area are cleverly integrated. Even if the space is so small, diversified work space solutions are still adopted. In addition to the private meeting room, there are also comfortable and beautiful car seats and a small collaborative space with tea and coffee bar functions.

The popular color of 2019: Vibrant Coral Orange is the highlight of this case. The rough concrete top surface and the dark black background form a sharp texture contrast with the soft coral orange and the clean frosted white screen facade. The conference room continues this design technique, bringing a strong visual beauty with the contrast of softness and darkness.

The composition of lines and surfaces is also an element in shaping the delicate space of this case. The simple color blocks and linear composition have the charm of Mondrian's geometric abstract paintings. The round and comfortable soft seat and the exaggerated shape of the lamps and lanterns form a strong contrast with the delicate linear composition. The understanding of space and the control of trend elements, a small space shows the designer's profound skills, and finally presents an exquisite small space full of artistic flavor.















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