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Chang'an has a history of more than 7000 years of civilization, and a history of more than 3000 years. Ancient Chang'an has gone through thousands of years of time, and it still ranks first among the eight ancient capitals of China. She is the first city in Chinese history called "Beijing", and only the most elegant design can bear its weight.

The designer Huang Quan puts forward the concept of "against the world", inheriting the ancient capital, integrating contemporary art, and designing against the water landscape, perfectly integrating humanity and nature, and returning to the beauty of the beauty of Chang'an with eight waters.

Marble is a natural ink painting. The chaotic and orderly texture is polished and lubricated and bright. The metal with good gloss complements it. The elegant taste blooms restrained under the combination of emerald green marble and light metal.

The ancient tree rings lurks in the remote legends of Chang'an, and the unknown secrets are obliterated with the circles of lines. The crystal trunks are eager to reach the sky and explore the sky of bliss. Unexpectedly, the branches are full of safflowers, and the fall is colorful. The hanging art installation makes people feel the height of the space intuitively, and at the same time adds light and color to the secluded and dark hall.

The art gallery presents the depth of art and the dream of time and space. The arches create a dignified sense of sequence and layering. The slow pace takes people through the art tunnel, through the red walls of the palace, and looking back at the vast historical scroll.

Art is not about piling up all the beautiful works, but everything is just right, there is nothing superfluous under harmony. The designer subtracts the art, deletes all the redundancies, and leaves the only work that can be interpreted in the gallery, so that people can understand the beauty of concentration.

The designer uses arch elements to create the entire open space to make the transition between areas natural and smooth. The art installation swirls above the sandboard area, like water mist from a lake, completing the sky, like a cloud, exploring the boundary between sensory perception and imagination space.

The shallow area uses the arch elements to the extreme. The simple and neat arc is inlaid with gold edges on the inside. The collision of traditional elements and contemporary art gives the arch a new era definition.

The water bar area echoes the emerald theme, scattered jadeites are filled with geometric installations, and the image of the surface is constructed with dots and lines. The simpler it is, the more it evokes the resonance of the soul between man and nature. The designer condenses the space with geometric elements and conveys the aesthetic and luxurious life attitude.

The mirror surface on top reflects the original nature, and the clear and fuzzy mirror surface is like a river with sparkling waves, dyeing the scenery under the mirror. Palace red and emerald green are both representatives of the supreme kingship, and the two have always been a classic combination.

The hollow screen built of metal and marble not only carries the aftermath of history, but also has design innovation. It is compatible and accommodates the aesthetic elements of different time and space.

The VIP negotiation area is far away from other areas, even if it is an open arch, it still has a quiet atmosphere. The paintings on the wall are full of clear skies, fresh clothes and angry horses, and the audience's thoughts go back and forth between strokes.

Light is the most natural designer. Through glass windows, it falls on walls, paintings, and sofas, creating a mottled pattern of light and dark, which attracts people's imagination. The red and green face each other in the painting, like a world that is almost closed. Backed by the mountains and rivers and green forests, the setting sun is shining red.

His eyes circled upward along the artistic stairs, and his hands were covered with cold stone bricks. The crystal installation beside him looked like raindrops falling in a patter, and suddenly paused, staying in the most moving moment.

Billowing waves, the river is jubilant in the wind. The ballet dancers look up at the sky and take a deep breath. The day-to-day meticulous craftsmanship is fully present at this moment, and the curtain call to this incomparable artistic feast without regret.





























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