Design of London Headquarters of British Fintech Startup Revolut

"Revolut is a London-based financial technology startup founded in 2013. It mainly provides digital bank accounts and a variety of other financial services. It allows people to use bank accounts or credit cards to make deposits without having to pay handling fees for overseas transactions. This project is a new London headquarters built by ThirdWay, an architectural and interior design company.

With rough materials and exquisite design, the entire space presents an Italian fashion style. The simple color scheme of black and white further enhances the industrial aesthetics of the space. The carefully matched furniture colors and light and shadow colors enrich the overall space vision.

The exposed ceiling structure highlights the austere beauty of the building itself, and the neat and uniform plumbing facilities present a refined and elegant beauty. The ceiling pipes in the recreation area are painted in black, which is consciously different from other spaces. The new headquarters has added many interesting elements to fit the brand's new future direction, which is also a key element of the design of this case.

Many inspirational sentences are eye-catchingly installed on the concrete block wall in the form of neon lights. The design of the leisure collaboration area is extremely attentive. The dark background wall, edited by newspaper clippings from influential leaders and inspirational figures from around the world, is eye-catchingly set off with the red neon words "Never Settle", rendering a passionate passion!

The space is open and diverse. A simple and concise bar counter reception area; a large leisure collaboration area that can double as a meeting and entertainment party; a diversified kitchen with a large breakfast bar and flexible furniture configuration. A large number of old British Crittall black metal glass partitions are used indoors, emphasizing the brand's regionality.

Other characteristic decorations include: large finished black wooden partitions; track lights on the top of the leisure collaboration area; characteristic lamps in the elevator hall; green plant bonsai; moss walls; decorative display racks; abundant seats; of course, there are also placed in the lobby Revolut's most important bank card vending machine.










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