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"In the context of the sharing economy, the global co-working in 2018 is still booming. POP Jun took this very design Hubhub Prague co-working as the end of 2018. Thank you for your attention! Looking forward to more surprises in 2019!

HubHub is a Polish creative co-office brand that aims to provide a happy, interesting, interactive and collaborative shared workspace for everyone. This project is its new office in Prague, Czech Republic, created by the local architecture and interior design team Studio Perspektiv.

The rough and heavy industrial style based on dark colors, with clear spatial structure and detailed design, allows every visitor here to travel freely according to the guidance of the space without getting lost. In the dark colors, a bright yellow reception desk made of metal is the first to catch people's eyes.

Although the space is large with many different scenes, it is easy to distinguish the functions of each scene and which are free meeting rooms. The structural layout surrounding the inner courtyard and the atrium clearly frame several large space areas. The entrance area is mainly for freelancers and individual workers, while the northeast wing is a larger team and corporate workspace.

The cohesion of the two blocks is enhanced by two large social kitchens. In addition, there are a large number of telephone rooms, video conference rooms, various types of meeting spaces and formal meeting rooms, etc., to meet the work needs of personnel at any time. The "21st Century Digital Studio" is developed from the perspective of meeting sustainable needs.

The expressive metal furniture and the yellow metal reception desk have lasting vitality in the crowded public environment. The countertops of the kitchen countertops and bar counters are made of stainless steel, which not only enhances the industrial texture, but also increases the daily wear resistance.

According to the concept of "think globally, act locally", HubHub's first Prague branch adopts a large number of original Czech designs. For example, local Czech design companies, metal manufacturing processes and woodworking production, as well as local brands such as TON chairs and armchairs, Brokis lamps and interesting Bomma soap bubble lamps.

The design of the public area pays more attention to the control of color and shape, and uses HubHub's strong aesthetic characteristics to every detail and application to the extreme, such as brand logos, material textures and glass films, as well as dynamic design with motivational slogans. Graphic texture and so on. The neutral tone space constructed with gray, white and black is waiting for users to create their working atmosphere and emotional belonging.

Bomma Soap light soap bubble chandelier series: This is an original lamp design. Free shapes, changing colors, and transparent textures have the same characteristics as the soap bubbles we blew when we were young, hence the name Soap Bubble Lamp, which is also the source of inspiration behind this original series.

























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