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Chaozhou-Dengtang: A mountainous and semi-mountainous township in Chaozhou, located at the junction of Chaozhou, Jie and Mei. The road is Huang Nisha Road, the whole town is a typical rural pragmatism construction, and the surrounding area is surrounded by typical rural buildings. With a limited budget, the design uses a simple and clear contemporary expression form and the inner spirit of neutralizing nature, giving this private house a different meaning and style from the past, and changing the local people's new perception of the house.

After a round of communication, the designer quickly discovered several big problems:
1. The owner operates a gas station. The first floor of the main building of the building is used for gas station business. The upper floor is hoped to be used as a residence, which is equivalent to burying a huge bomb downstairs.
2. The house is very dusty along the road, living here can only close the windows every day.
3. There is a large area of ​​farmland behind the house with a good view, and the two sides of the building are next to other buildings, and only one side can see the field.
4. There is a large wasteland behind the house that also belongs to the owner. In the countryside, such land can be used for housing construction.

To this end, we re-organized the layout: separate commercial and residential buildings. The old residential buildings are purely commercial, and a barrier is formed to separate the dust along the road. The new residential buildings are extended backwards and more landscapes are included in the field of view, far away from the crude oil storage. The proposal was passed and implemented immediately.

The language of Guozhai's architecture is very contemporary, and there is no need to coordinate with the surrounding buildings to echo, but to erect walls to shape one's own blue sky and own white clouds. The overall layout is reasonable and simple, the large-area glass windows are transparent, the air is also freely circulated, and the introverted combination of masonry and stone surfaces presents a comfortable temperament.

The original building plan hoped to adopt the steel structure design, but due to the limited conditions of the rural construction team, this process was not implemented. For this reason, the designer adjusted the structural design according to local conditions and replaced the steel structure with a concrete structure, which not only retained the original design effect to the greatest extent, It also allows them to facilitate construction while saving costs and eliminating safety hazards.

In the combination of colors, the designer chose gray black, off-white and warm wood brown, which connects the building itself with the surrounding environment, and the multiple square frame structure presents contemporary simplicity and light and shadow slowly moving forward. , The shadow of the tree walks leisurely on it, which is the most natural design style. The simplicity and elegance of the building materials are intertwined with the comfortable and comfortable natural and cultural atmosphere, condensing the leisure and tranquility of time.
In terms of details, black and white, imaginary and real, advances and retreats are well-founded, creating a quiet and fascinating leisure and elegance, which makes people return to inner peace.

The interior space is in the same line as the architectural design. Looking up from the interior, you can see the tranquil rural natural scenery and the surrounding pristine homes. The interior design continues the cleanness and simplicity of the building, and the intervention of raw wood materials adds a sense of warmth to contemporary aesthetics.

























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