Hangzhou Haichao Kindergarten

Hangzhou Haichao Kindergarten is located in Wangjiang Unit, Shangcheng District, downtown Hangzhou. It is planned to be a kindergarten with 16 classes. The land is irregular. The northwest of the plot is a high-density residential area and the southeast is an urban road.

The architect hopes to create a healthy and happy growth space for children in this environment surrounded by tall buildings and urban roads through design strategies.

Centrally arrange the main building on the northwest side to meet the requirement of floor area ratio and stay away from urban roads to avoid the impact of road noise on indoor activities. The white space on the southeast is maximized, forming ample outdoor activities and open space.

Through the processing form of stepping back, the volume of the building is weakened, and at the same time, an outdoor activity space on the second and third floors is created. The wind and rain corridors on both sides of the southeast are connected to the building, enclosing a concentrated outdoor activity venue, and forming a tendency of isolation from the urban roads.

The relationship between space and flow is inseparable, and the interesting and rich space inspires more possibilities for activities. The floor area ratio of the kindergarten has reached the maximum required by the planning and design. In addition to meeting the better teaching space, the indoor shared space has been enlarged, the multifunctional hall has reached 300 square meters, and the stairwell has become a place full of fun.

The scene of chasing and playing has a special attraction and temptation for children of this age. The circular corridors on both sides of the southeast are connected to the interior and exterior of the building. Whether it is a scorching sun or a rainy day, a streamline that can freely shuttle is produced;

The construction of outdoor activity venues has been maximized. The large area on the southeast side is left blank, without building blockage, and the light is excellent. The children freely shuttle between the rarely-angular corridors and the building setback space.

Each floor space has different physical characteristics: the penetration of indoor and outdoor activity spaces on the first floor, the continuity and retreat of teaching spaces on the second and third floors, and the agglomeration of office spaces on the fourth floor, which are superimposed on the façade layer by layer, using pure horizontal lines to construct the most fundamental building. Really state.

In terms of details of the facade, the exterior window glass is set around the exterior wall, and the floor slabs between floors protrude out of the floor by hanging white perforated aluminum panels and brushing white paint. Looking at the kindergarten from a distance, it is like pieces of pure plates floating in the air. .

The design of the long glass increases the connection between the indoor and outdoor sight lines. In the building, you can better see the various appearances of the outdoors, and the people in the city can also see the innocence of children's activities in the building through the glass, and the contrast between indoor and outdoor. Vision creates an interesting life experience.




























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