Shanghai CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza

Shanghai CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza is located at the core of Jiading New Town, above the Jiading New Town Station of Metro Line 11. It is part of the largest urban complex in Jiading District, "CITIC Pacific? Festival Walk". This project is a boutique commercial project focused on by Wanda Commercial Management Group. It is also one of the eight innovative projects created by Wanda Group across the country in 2018. It has become a brand new sample of Wanda Commercial in the field of "urban new city business".

According to the business operation and positioning needs of the owner, combined with the characteristics of the local consumer groups and the environment, J&A Jain Design aims to use the innovative design of "theme block" and "scene creation" to realize the integration of software and hardware and indoor and outdoor. Ways to empower commercial projects and commercial brands.

Combining the analysis of the surrounding population and environmental characteristics of the project, judging young families and white-collar workers as the main consumer groups, Shanghai CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza has planned catering, clothing, education, entertainment and other business formats around "family consumption".

In accordance with the needs of different consumer groups for business differentiation, J&A Jain Design divides Shanghai CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza into six themed blocks on the floors of urban bazaars, international fashion, boutique trends, parent-child world, vigorous gentlemen, and tasteful life, including " There are three indoor themed blocks, namely “Small Columns Under the Sea”, “Fantasy Market” and “Fashion Cool Run”.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of work and the hustle and bustle of the city, young white-collar workers are eager to escape the busy traffic and find their inner peace of mind on the one hand, but on the other hand they do not abandon the prosperity and convenience of the city. In Shanghai CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza, J&A Jain designed and created a series of "streets and alleys" that will make you return to old Shanghai. In a corner of the city, quietly listen to the sound of the long-lost streets and feel a sense of what is about to be urbanized. The lost beauty.

In the façade, ceiling and floor design of Shanghai CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza, J&A Jain design indoors outdoor scenes, 80% of the public area is designed with outdoor common elements, and 20% of the public area is a characteristic area on each floor. The personalized design restores the casual and warm street scene.

Using large-area floor mosaics and rich color-hopping design techniques, J&A paves gray floor tiles with different saturation levels through block-style paving to produce a low-key and simple visual effect.

The ceiling is consistent with the simple style, the stitching of black, white and gray different color blocks and the linear design break the feeling of the monotonous law of the space; the inclined ceiling and truss structure not only enrich the layering of the ceiling, but also have the ductility of the space.

Different materials such as wood and iron wire are layered in the design of river barriers and bridges, which also display the characteristics of modern and simple style.















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