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"The Coca-Cola Amatil company, located in Sydney, Australia, has regained its beauty. Through the careful creation of the Unispace design team, this five-story office space is now embracing a new future with an open and flexible collaboration model.

A brand that can promote happiness first needs an inspiring workplace, so that it can truly reflect its brand culture.

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA for short) is a fast-moving consumer goods giant whose products include coffee, bottled water, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages.

As people's attitudes towards health and high-end products evolve, the world's beverage giants are also facing challenges. CCA hopes to demonstrate their brand strength with a new workplace, while creating an inspiring and efficient working environment.

Finding a suitable new site is also a major challenge. In the end, CCA decided to extend the lease period of the existing work site and handed over to a professional design team to re-plan their work space.

The design team investigated the existing office space and listened carefully to the needs of customers. They found that as long as the existing space is carefully planned, it can not only meet the needs of employees and create a comfortable working environment, but also save the area of ​​one floor, which is changed from six floors. For five floors.

The design team uses an open and flexible collaborative office concept to create a permanent office space that meets future development. Now senior executives and their team members work together in an open space, enhancing interaction and collaboration management.

Abundant working modes meet diversified working needs, whether it is private or open, you can find a suitable working mode here. The open space and smart layout not only make space and work more efficient, but also create a dynamic world that releases the mind and stimulates potential.










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