YY Windows Website Template

This template is modified from the native template of typecho to meet the needs, so the file structure is not changed, and it can be used directly after installation.


Main changes:

1. Add a subtitle to the title of the home page, but the inner page remains unchanged.
2. The Slogan section is modified for each page.
3. Add TDK to facilitate SEO.
5. The article list has been changed to graphic format to increase the aesthetics.
6. Add floating follow ads in the right column to fill the blank area when the webpage scrolls.
7. Change the footer to dark.
8. The friendship link is placed in the right column.
9. The page width is widened to 1280, self-adaptive, and the difference in monitor size does not affect the use.
10. The content page image is centered in both text mode and Markdown mode.


1. Due to work needs, the template defaults to English, please change the relevant vocabulary as needed.
2. Documents without thumbnails will display the YY Windows logo by default, please change to your own logo.
3. The date of the article list and content page are customary in English-speaking countries, please modify as needed.
4. The friendship link is modified in the sidebar.php file. Check the "Set Appearance-Set Appearance" box to display it.
4. The thumbnail keyword is "thumbnail".

Thumbnail image:


Please leave a message for other omissions or incomprehensions.


This template complies with the GPL agreement, please rest assured to use it. If there is further improvement, it will be published on the typecho official website.

This site is YY Windows (Shanghai Yuanya Doors and Windows) customized to meet customer needs. If you are interested, you can translate the content into Chinese and copy it to your website.

Typecho is a very good software. Since we have chosen it, we also hope to give it back within our means. We feel that the only problem with it is that the native tags are not rich enough, and more modifications are needed. Even so, we use it as a CMS backend on many websites.

这个模板是由 typecho 的原生模板修改而来,以满足需求为目标,所以并没有改变文件结构,直接安装即可使用。



1. 首页title增加副标题,内页不变。
2. Slogan部分为每个页面做修改。
3. 增加TDK,以方便SEO。
5. 文章列表改为图文版式,增加美观度。
6. 右侧栏增加悬浮跟随广告,填充网页滚动时的空白区域。
7. 页尾改为深色。
8. 友情链接放在右侧栏。
9. 页面宽度加宽到1280,自适应,显示器大小差别不影响使用。
10. 内容页图片在文本模式和Markdown模式下均为居中。


1. 因工作需要,模板默认为英文,请更具需要更改相关词汇。
2. 没有缩略图的文档会默认显示YY Windows的Logo,请改成自己的logo。
3. 文章列表、内容页的日期为英语国家习惯,请根据需要修改。
4. 友情链接在 sidebar.php 文件内修改。在“设置外观 - 设置外观” 内勾选即可显示。
4. 缩略图关键词为 thumbnail 。



本模板遵循GPL协议,请放心使用。如有进一步完善,会发布在 typecho 官网。 如果您能帮我们做一下友情链接,我们也同样感激(我们只做Google推广)。

本站是YY Windows (上海远亚门窗)为满足客户需求而定制。如果您有兴趣,可将内容翻译成中文复制到自己的网站。

typecho 是一个非常棒的软件,我们既然选择了它,也希望在力所能及的范围内给予其回馈。 我们感受到它唯一的问题是原生标签不够丰富,需要做较多的修改。即便如此,我们也在很多网站上把它作为CMS后台使用。


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